The most dreaded places in the world, the knowledge of which will haunt your soul

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By the way, the whole world is more than one wonder, full of wonders, tourist places, mountains, natural beauty and sea coast. But you will be surprised to know that along with attractive tourist places on this earth, there are some such ghosts and scary places where even the local people are afraid to go and eat from these places. Wandering around the most haunted places of the world is also considered equivalent to going to the mouth of death, many courageous people also tried to die in these places, some of whom came back after saving their lives, but some people also It is not known even today after visiting those places, you can guess from this how terrible, dangerous and scary these places can be. However, it is not the case that this place is closed to tourists, many brave hearted tourists also like to visit these places.

Come, today we know about the most dangerous places in the world in this article, which has been the subject of discussion all over the world due to its unusual or haunted activities –

Most haunted places in the world

Bhangarh Fort India

Bhangarh Fort, located in Rajasthan Bhangarh, India, is one of the most frightening places in India as well as one of the most haunted places in the world, thinking about which people are shaken. Bhangarh Fort is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. Bhangarh is a place located near a forest, which is most famous in India due to its ghostly anecdotes. No tourists are allowed to visit this place during sunset.

It is said that going to this fort after sunset can be very dangerous. It is said that a magician here fell in love with the local princess of the area and took the help of black magic to control the princess, but the princess realized it. After which the princess killed the magician. While dying, the wizard cursed the fort and after this the fort became a ruin.

Fren Hill Hotel India

Listed in Most Haunted Places in the World, the Fren Hill Hotel is India’s most haunted hotel with a horror story attached to it. This story is during the time when the Indian horror thriller-movie Raaz was being shot here. Where goes when choreographer Saroj Khan and his crew were resting in the hotel, they felt some voices on the first floor after which they tried to contact them at the reception, but the telephone line was dead. But the next morning when the receptionist told that the hotel does not have a first floor, after this, the whole hotel staff and people were in awe and the incident remained the center of discussion for a long time after which people stopped going to the hotel and Eventually the hotel had to close. Where to Go Even today, many haunting incidents take place in this hotel which are usually told by the local people.

Monte christo homestead australia

Monte Cristo Homestead is a haunted mansion located in the state of New South Wales, Australia, which is known as one of the scariest places in the world due to haunting stories involving the mansion’s mistress, Mrs Crowley. This mansion is told that Mrs Crowley did not leave the mansion for 23 years after the death of her husband and eventually dies, after which her dead body was found lying in the same mansion which was not even cremated. . After which Crowley’s ghost was haunted by the mansion. After some time people tried to take possession of that mansion but they were not allowed to succeed by Crowley’s ghost and forced to leave the mansion. Even today the Monte Cristo homestead is claimed to see strange sounds, twinkling lights and ghosts floating in the corridor. While there have been reports of accidents and murders in the mansion before.

Aradley Lunatic Asylum Australia

Aradale Lunatic Asylum is a mental hospital opened in 1867 in the city of Victoria, Australia.  Tell me, in this hospital, many scary incidents related to the ghost of Nurse Carey have come to the fore, who have created fear in the people. A famous ghost story from hospital is also of the ghost of Old Margaret, which force many patients to commit suicide in the 1990s. Whatever the story, the haunting events at the Aradley Lunatic Asylum Hospital have made people think. Those who do not believe in ghost hauntings must go here once.

Highgate Cemetery England

The Highgate Cemetery, established in North London in 1839, is one of the most haunted sites in the world. The last resting place of more than 1,70,000 people has been witness to many supernatural events but the story of a ghostly vampire wearing red eyes and a long art coat has made this cemetery one of the scariest places in the world. According to local people, many horror incidents have been felt here. This cemetery spread fear among the people when a badly burnt body of a woman was found to be damaged. After which this cemetery was incorporate into the Most Haunted Place in the World in England.

Tower of london england

The most dreaded places in the world also include the name of the Tower of London. Tell that in this tower many princes and other people were killed in the ancient, whose souls are still wandering inside this tower. Many times there have also been incidents of unarmed ghosts appearing inside the tower, although there is no authentic evidence of that. But even then, this place has made a lot of headlines with its haunted activities.

The Mark King’s Close Scotland

The Mark is one of King’s Close, Scotland and one of the world’s most haunted places. The place was previously a series of underground roads and tunnels that gave rise to many houses and trading houses in the 16th and 17th centuries. The area was abandoned when a plague broke out in 1645, after which the place is completely deserted and has become the center of many ghostly activities. People pass around this place claim to have seen an elderly woman of black color who looks and becomes invisible at once. Many times, even strange sounds have been heard from here, due to which people are afraid to come here even during the day except at night.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle is a popular tourist destination in Scotland, yet it is counted among the most haunted sites in the world. Let me tell you, this place has been in headlines for being seen as a dog with ghost, and without any head. During a 10-day scientific survey of the palace in 2001, several volunteers and scientists reported seeing ghosts. Ever since, people have started taking Edinburgh Castle seriously as one of the most haunted places in the world.

Greniers Kirkyard Scotland

Greniers Kirkyard is a cemetery in Edinburgh that is popular as one of the haunted places in the world due to the rumored vision of the McKenzie Polytheist. According to a popular story, a homeless man once entered the mausoleum of Sir George McKenzie. Since which many unusual activities have been reported from this cemetery. Many stories related to this are told by the people passing around the cemetery and by the deceived people here, while many times there have been reports of attack on the people, since then people living in its vicinity closed the windows of their houses. Is kept

Akerhus Castle, Norway

According to claims made by various people, the former strategic fort and this prison built in the 1290s is the most haunted place in the world. The Akerhus Castle serves as a venue for the execution of prisoners, where many convicts, and even many of the detainees, have been hanged. After which the news of phantom spirits of many people roaming here has come to the fore.

Chato de Brisac, France

The chateau de Brisac, an 11th-century palace located in the Main-et-Loire, is one of the most haunted placas in the world, along with France. This beautiful palace was witness to a double murder. It has been claimed by many that there is a lady ghost in this palace which can be seen even in the streets outside the palace. Apart from this, very scary voices have also been heard from this palace late at night, due to which people are also afraid to pass through this place after it is dark.

Island of dolls mexico

The Island of Dolls in Mexico is another very scary place in the world which has an amazing story attached to it. Where many years ago a girl died after drowning in the Mexican canal. When Julian Barrera visited the island, he committed the evil of the girl, after which the girl’s soul became enraged and there began to be many devils. Later, several dolls were hung in the island to please the girl’s soul. Later, her body was found in the canal at the same place, that of the girl. It is said that those dolls hanging in that island have the soul of the same girl, many of whom have heard the sounds of whispering and laughing even by the tourists who come here.

McNabs Island, Halifax

This large island of Halifax Harbor and a beautiful nature sanctuary, but its history has undergone many atrocities, leading to ghosts haunting its sandy beaches and lush green parks. The McNabs were used in 1866 to place onboard ships of people suffering from British cholera, many of whom died and were buried in mass graves on the island. Since then this place has been included in the haunted site of the world. It is said that today there are many evil spirits on this island, which troubles the people who come here. If you do not believe in ghostly things, then do visit this island once.

St. Augustine Lighthouse, USA

The St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida, USA, is a place that is currently open to tourists, despite it being considered one of the world’s most haunted places. Tell us that the tourists visiting this lighthouse have felt strange at times as if someone is standing behind but there is no one to look back, strange sounds and much more. Stories of two to three ghosts being heard in this lighthouse according to which a ghost is of the lighthouse keeper, while the cry of a woman wearing a velvet dress has also come to light. She has been going However, this place Bakai is very scary and haunted where even today many people are afraid to go.

Screaming Tunnel, Canada

Screaming tunnel is a tunnel to say but at the same time it is also one of the most haunted places in the world. There is an interesting story attached to this tunnel which is often told by the people here. It is said that about 100 years ago, a fire broke out in a farm house at the south entrance of the tunnel, inside which a girl was trapped, the girl burn in the fire screame for help and ran away but she dead inside the tunnel. She had gone. It is said that even today if someone burns a fire inside that tunnel, the girl’s screams are heard and the fire is extinguished immediately. This incident is not just one time, such incidents have been shared many times by different people.

Aokigahara Forest Japan

The Aokigahara Forest is known as one of the World’s Most Haunted Places, along with Japan, which has seen the highest number of suicides. Tell this forest is the second in the world in suicides after the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, due to which it is also known as Suicide Forest. It is said that the souls of the Suicide people still wander in this forest. This forest is as beautiful as it is dangerous and scary where people are afraid to go even during the day except at night.

Old Changi Hospital and Changi Beach, Singapore

Changi beach and the old hospital built in 1935 are claim to be haunt where many Chinese soldiers were killed by the Japanese. The Japanese Kempeitai (Japanese Imperial Secret Police) captured the hospital and turned it into a torture camp during World War II. At this place Chinese soldiers were kept and killed by bad torture. Because of which the hospital is claimed to be haunted by the spirits of Chinese soldiers. There have also been reports of headless soldiers being seen on the beach at night, which can be estimated by hearing how terrible and dangerous this place will be.

Rose Hall, Jamaica

Rose Hall, Jamaica is known as one of the world’s most feared places, with an interesting and heart-warming storyline attached to it. It is said that Annie Palmer, wife of the owner of this plantation, John Palmer, had a black magic streak which she practiced. She was so proud of her magic that she murdered John, her second and third husbands and several male slaves in the 1800s. Historians have however doubted the validity of the story. But in spite of this, there is a claim to be the ghost of “White Witch” which has been taken very seriously by the people here.

Povelia Island, Italy

The history of the island of Powelia, one of the top haunted places in the world, is quite painful and ghastly.It was a matter of time when the entire city was plagued by plague people were left untreated and left to die. Due to which many bodies were buried in similar tombs. Whose ghost is being haunted on this island today, many such haunting incidents have happened here which have aroused fear in the people.

Penang War Museum Malaysia -: The Penang War Museum is certainly not an ordinary museum as it is counted among the scariest places in the world. This museum is located on the fort which is stained with the blood of history soldiers. This fort used to be the place that witnessed the battle between Japan and the British, in which many soldiers were brutally killed.

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