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The Torana Fort is a large fort in Pune district in the Indian state of Maharashtra, also known as Prachandgarh. The Torana Fort was the first fort which was occupied by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1646 and that too during his adolescence, therefore, it is recognized as an important historical monument. The height of this hill is 1,403 m (4,603 ft) above sea level, making it the highest hill fort in the district. The fort situated at the highest point in Pune district and is also known as a famous tourist attraction. The Torna Fort remains the center of attraction for weekend visitors where tourists can explore the ruins of the fort and its natural surroundings. Although this fort is open for tourists to visit throughout the year, but the monsoon season is the best time to visit here.

If you too are going to visit the Torana Fort or want to know more about this fort, then read this article till the end, in which you will be able to know about the history, architecture and complete information related to the Torana Fort –

What is special about the Torana Fort?

The Torana Fort is also known for its picturesque and thrilling surroundings apart from its historical significance. In fact, it is quite famous among the hilly region and slope trekking enthusiasts. Most of the advanced level trekking expeditions are organized by adventure groups from base to fort. Those who want to explore the area, but are not keen on participating in an adventure activity, can go on a short nature walk with friends and family. In which you can reach the hilltop by roadways or can explore the fort on foot. Thus, this fort family, friends and couples are very special for everyone to roam.

History of Torna Fort

According to historians, the Torana Fort was built in the 13th century by the Shiva Panth, a follower of the Hindu deity Shiva. The temple of Mangai Devi located at the entrance of the fort supports the fact that it was built in the 13th century. Four centuries later, in 1646, Shivaji Maharaj conquered the fort. She was a teenager at the time (barely 16 years old) and made a huge impact on the Maratha Empire by acquiring the fort, which she renamed the fort as “Prachanda” (Prachanda meaning Vishal and Gad meaning fort).

The Torana Fort was controlled by the next generation of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj until the 18th century. But after the assassination of his first son Sambhaji Maharaj, the Mughal Empire took over the fort, after which Aurangzeb also changed its name to “Futulibib”.

Some people even say that this war to win the Torana Fort was the first real war of Aurangzeb. Later, according to the Treaty of Purandar (signed in 1776), it was restored back to the Marathi Empire and remained the original place of Maratha Empire for a long time.

Architecture of Torna Fort

The Torana Fort is built on a hill in the Western Ghats (Sahyadri mountain range) of India at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. It has tall stone ramparts that surround the ruins of the fort. There are seven gates on the passage / stairway leading to the entrance. The first gate close to the base is called the Binni Darwaza and the main or last entrance is called the Kothi Darwaza. A narrow street with high walls on either side extends within the fort complex, leading to some other parts of the citadel, which also have various shapes and level plains. Some ruins also depict granaries, guard rooms and rest areas. The fort also has several water tanks and some temples around it.

Torna Fort Trekking and Things to do

If you are planning a trip to Torna Fort with your family or friends and are searching for activities to do here, then let us tell you, Torna Fort is famous for adventure activities like trekking, hiking and camping. The beautiful surroundings of the fort at Sahyadri have ample space for camping. The slope of the mountains is perfect for advanced level treks as the difficulty level is high, during the monsoon, the area becomes slippery and hence, trekkers need to be careful.

If you are interested in sightseeing then there are waterfalls, picturesque valleys and mountain views, which are also a great place for picnics and walks. During the monsoon, in particular, the clouds rotate downwards on the mountain peaks, giving a beautiful view of the surroundings.

There are many sections in this fort which tourists can see. Upon entering the fort, people move to Budhla Maache which is a wide expanse of grassland. As they move, they come across temples, ruins, water tanks, etc. Once they reach the top of the fort, they can have a spectacular view of Sinhagad Fort, Khadakwasla Dam, Mahabaleshwar, Bhatgaon Dam, Raigad and Pratapgarh.

Tips for Trip to Torna Fort

If you are going to trek to Fort or visit here, then follow the tips given below to avoid any problem –

Whenever you go on a trip to Torana Fort, keep a sweater or raincoat or warm clothes depending on the time of the trek.
If you are going to trek in the trip of Torana Fort, then keep yourself mentally ready and yes, if you are not completely healthy, then cancel the trip of Torana Fort for some time.
Wear comfortable clothes and trekking shoes while trekking.
If you are coming to visit here during the rainy season, then pay attention that during monsoon season the paths here are quite slippery, so do careful trekking.
Take some water and some food items with you during trekking as these things may get lost in the middle.
Pay attention, do not forget to take the camera in this trip because you will get to see many such scenes and views here, which you will not want to miss by capturing in your camera.

Torna Fort Opening Time

All the tourists who are searching the timing of Torana Fort, tell them that this fort is open 24 hours, but it is best and safe to travel here during the day, so whenever you come here, come in the day and it is dark. Come back first.

Entry fees of Torna Fort

Tell the tourists going on a trip to Torna Fort, there is no charge for entering and visiting Torna Fort, you can roam here without any charge.

Places to visit around Torna Fort

If you are going on a trip to the Torana Fort Fort, then let us tell you that besides the Torana Fort in Pune, there is more than one tourist place that you can go for a trip in your journey, then let us know that you can visit the Torana Fort Sights of –

  1. Shivneri Fort
  2. Western Ghats
  3. Aga Khan Palace
  4. Parvati Hill
  5. Rajgarh Fort
  6. Lal Mahal
  7. Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum
  8. Sinhagad Fort
  9. The Empress Garden
  10. Peshwa Garden Zoo

Best time to visit Torna Fort

If you want to visit Torana Fort Pune then you can visit here in both monsoon and winter seasons. The weather of Pune is quite good from July to February, so this is the best time to visit this huge city of Maharashtra and this fort. However, you can come to visit here even in the summer season because the scorching summer weather here is quite cold where you can spend a comfortable time.

Hotels to stay in the tour of Torna Fort

If you are planning a trip to Torana Fort and other tourist places of Pune with your friends or family and are searching for hotels to stay in Pune before going on your trip, then let us know for your information Pune. All the hotels in the budget are available which you can select according to your choice –

How to reach Torna Fort Pune

If you are planning a trip to Torna Fort and searching for how to reach Torna Fort, then let us tell you that Torna Fort is located about 54 kilometers from Pune in the Sahyadri Mountain Range. Passengers landing at Pune bus stand, Pune railway junction or Pune airport will have to travel further by road to Velhe village. Public transport is quite good in Pune and one can choose between a city bus, auto rickshaw, Ola, Uber or other tourist rental taxi to cover the distance to the base of the fort.

How to go to Torna Fort Pune by flight

If you have selected a flight to visit Pune, then let us tell you that Pune Airport is located in the city center, which is an international airport. For here you will get flights from all over the world, apart from this you will easily get flights from all the major major airports of India to Pune. This airport is located about 70 km from Torana Fort. After landing at the airport, you can hire a bus, cab or a taxi to reach Torna Fort, where you will travel for about 2 -3 hours to reach Torna Fort Bhatinda.

How to travel from Torna Fort Pune

Pune also has its own railway junction, which is one of the largest railway junctions in the country, and many express and super fast trains in the major cities of the state and the country. Is connected to the city, so you can easily travel to Pune from any part of the country and reach Pune. And after landing at the railway station, the Torana Fort can be reached with the help of local means.

How to reach Torana Fort Pune by road

The Torana Fort is well connected by Pune roads and metro lines. If you want to travel by the cheapest means of transport then go for a Pune trip by bus. Tickets for Pune travel by bus can be booked both online and offline. Apart from the state government of Maharashtra, private buses of Pune also provide daily services. The main bus stations of Pune are Chinchwad and Pune (by-pass), buses mainly stop at these two bus stations.

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